• The Cardiac & Vascular Institute Research Foundation

    At The Cardiac & Vascular Institute Research Foundation, we believe that today’s clinical trials provide the foundation for tomorrow’s clinical practice. Since its establishment in 2010, TCAVIRF has been at the forefront of cardiovascular research. As a leader of research and development, we are proud to currently offer a variety of research trials. We participate in both cardiac and peripheral arterial disease clinical trials that are patient focused and provide access to important new drugs and devices that help improve quality of life and survival in patients with cardiovascular disease. To learn more about our research trials, please contact The Cardiac & Vascular Institute Research Foundation at (352) 244-0208.
  • We Are Here For You

    No one should miss a needed office visit, that’s why The Cardiac & Vascular Institute remains open and continues to provide cardiovascular care to our patients and the community.   We offer Telemedicine appointments that can be done in the convenience of your home, reducing your risk of COVID-19 exposure. Should you or a loved one need cardiovascular care, we can assure you, we are here for you. Schedule your appointment today.
  • TCAVI on Gainesville Health Connections

    The risk of heart disease and peripheral artery disease increases with age. Check out some of the ways The Cardiac & Vascular Institute is educating, diagnosing and treating their patient with cardiovascular concerns.

  • VIDEO: Mr. Parker’s Story

    John Parker Jr., a graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and College of Law, has been a practicing attorney, a newspaper reporter and columnist, a speechwriter for then Governor Bob Graham, an editorial director of Running Times magazine, and an athlete his entire life. Even though John secured a basketball scholarship at the University of Florida (UF), he eventually switched gears and joined UF’s track and field team, where he went on to win the SEC championship in the mile three times in the late 1960s and early 1970s, setting a school record for the same event (John’s best mile run is 4:05!).

    In 2008, John unfortunately came down with a virus that ultimately put him in the hospital on balloon pump with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, and subsequently became a patient that would live with atrial fibrillation throughout his life. However, his cardiac history didn’t stop there. In 2018, after living with AFib for a number of years, John’s cardiologist referred him to cardiothoracic surgery for the repair of an aortic aneurysm. To the credit of John’s cardiac team at The Cardiac and Vascular Institute and North Florida Regional Medical Center, as well as his maintained lifestyle, John is back to living his active life. He is a kayaking, hiking and mountain biking enthusiast and attributes his quick cardiac surgery recovery to having lived a life full of fitness with heart healthy activities.

  • VIDEO: Mary Bailey

    When Mary Bailey suddenly went into Cardiogenic Shock, a condition in which your heart suddenly can’t pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs, her life flashed before her eyes. Luckily, she was saved by TCAVI‘s Dr. Ilie Barb and his cardiovascular team, who performed a minimally-invasive procedure with the insertion of the world’s smallest heart pump. Fortunately for Mary, TCAVI is one of two sites in the state of Florida participating in a national heart initiative attempting to improve survival rates from 50% to 80%.
  • VIDEO: World’s Smallest Pacemaker Implant

    Local doctors at The Cardiac & Vascular Institute are implanting patients with a pacemaker the size of a multivitamin. Published by the Gainesville Sun.

  • Medical Spotlight with Dr Mark Tulli, Cardiovascular Disease

    Dr. Mark Tulli was interviewed for TV 20’s Medical Spotlight on Cardiovascular Disease.

  • Perspective with Dr. Steven Roark

    Cardiologist Dr. Steven Roark discusses improvements to services offered at Lake City Medical Center and how care for cardiology patients has improved.

  • TV20 Medical Spotlight – Dr. Steven Roark on Door to Balloon Time

    Treatment time for heart attack patients has been a big focus for several years now. Some say what we call Door-to-Balloon time may soon change from a requirement of within 90 minutes to 60 minutes. Hospitals like North Florida Regional routinely have D2B times already under 60 minutes. In this TV20 Medical Spotlight, Interventional Cardiologist Steven Roark talks with News Anchor Duke Carter about what this means for patients.

  • Scott’s Story: Tiny Heart Pump Helped Save His Life

    How did Scott Schuppie survive a massive heart attack? Because of a tiny heart pump and a top notch heart team that refused to give up.

  • Life After a Massive Heart Attack

    What happens after a massive heart attack? Depends on where you go for care and what changes you make in your life. In this video, Mark Saleh shares his story for two reasons. To help others and to thank the staff at North Florida Regional Medical Center for saving his life.

  • Saving Lives with the World’s Smallest Heart Pump


  • Dr. Arthur Lee Explains New Treatment for Calcified Arteries


  • Why are Women Not Getting the Message about Heart Disease?


  • Who Dies of Heart Disease?


  • Cardiovascular Disease

    In collaboration with WCJB TV20, The Cardiac & Vascular Institute’s Dr. Mark Tulli presents an eye-opening look at Cardiovascular Disease.