Decades of Dedication Culminate in the Successful Performance of Florida’s First Commercial Renal Denervation Case

In a historic triumph for cardiovascular health, Dr. Matheen Khuddus and the exceptional teams at TCAVI and HCA Florida North Florida Hospital have achieved a groundbreaking feat—the successful performance of the state’s first commercial renal denervation case. This significant milestone marks the culmination of nearly a decade of unwavering dedication, with TCAVI and HCA Healthcare at the forefront of advancing cardiovascular care. Renal denervation, which has been designated as the third pillar to treat hypertension by the European Society of Cardiology, lowers blood pressure by reducing the overactivity of nerve signals that drive hypertension. The minimally invasive procedure was performed with the Recor Paradise System that delivers ultrasound energy to the nerves via the kidney arteries using a balloon catheter.  Hypertension affects over 100 million Americans and is a leading cause of stroke, heart attack and death. 

A Milestone in Cardiovascular Health

As we celebrate this historic milestone, it is impossible to overlook the pivotal role played by all those involved. The Cardiac & Vascular Institute Research Foundation has dedicated years to participating in and overseeing clinical trials, validating this revolutionary treatment option for patients with hypertension. Integral to this achievement was the collaborative effort with the clinical and research teams at Recor Medical. The health system leadership at HCA Healthcare and HCA Florida North Florida Hospital deserve special recognition for embracing and facilitating the use of renal denervation technology. Their foresight has not only propelled medical advancements but has also set a precedent for elevating patient care standards. The success of the procedure is also a testament to the talented and hardworking Cath lab team at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital who have demonstrated unparalleled skill, dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence in cardiovascular care. Finally, the dedication and commitment of the clinical staff at TCAVI, the TCAVI Hypertension Clinic and remote patient monitoring programs has been crucial to the care of our patients with hypertension.

The dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit by all involved has set a new standard in cardiovascular care, offering hope and transformative solutions for patients with hypertension. This groundbreaking success marks a new chapter in the journey towards advancing cardiovascular health, with TCAVI and HCA Healthcare standing as beacons of innovation in the medical community.