Gainesville, FL February 15, 2022 – The Cardiac & Vascular Institute (TCAVI) and the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals announces its annual celebration of the work performed by cardiovascular practitioners and managers and the contribution these individuals make to healthcare. Cardiovascular services practitioners include those professionals working in Invasive, Noninvasive, Echo, EKG, and Cardiopulmonary departments.

Cardiovascular Professionals Week is February 13-19, 2022. It is a nationally recognized week, which can be found on the official federal legislative calendar for important dates and recognitions. ACVP and its over 3,000+ members celebrate the week through a variety of activities.

“Cardiovascular professionals provide an important service in the healthcare community and our employees are a key driver in TCAVI’s ability to deliver exceptional patient care,” says Matthew Bolin, Director of Invasive Services at The Cardiac & Vascular Institute.

Health Care Heroes: Cardiovascular Professionals Week Celebrated at the Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Especially in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and considering the detrimental effects of Covid-19 on cardiovascular function, for the second year in a row it is incredibly important that cardiovascular professionals are recognized for their contributions and celebrated.

To say in accordance with this year’s theme, “Cardiovascular Professionals Give their Heart & Soul,” any year, would be to recognize the constancy, dedication and professional commitment of these professionals delivering emergent and routine care for some of the most vulnerable and intensive populations in the health care system.

To say it in February 2022, after nearly a year of this crisis, carries even more weight.

We know that cardiovascular professionals and their patients are among those most impacted by this crisis, and yet, cardiovascular professionals continue to give their Heart & Soul. Despite even greater requirements and risk to them—above and beyond above-and-beyond—cardiovascular professionals from the front-line technicians and technologists to the administrators who have navigated and led during this crisis have continued to deliver outstanding patient care and save lives in our communities.

The Cardiac & Vascular Institute is committed to providing the highest quality health services to North Central Florida. As TCAVI continues to grow adding more physicians and services, the number one priority and reason for existence remain the same: the care for our patients. TCAVI supports many professionals involved in the work of cardiovascular care. Please join us in celebrating these health care heroes.

About The Cardiac & Vascular Institute
The Cardiac & Vascular Institute (TCAVI) has offices in both Gainesville and Lake City, Florida. The physicians of TCAVI are board certified in every aspect of cardiology providing state of the art diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive cardiac services by utilizing the best in both the technology and the art of medicine. For more information on the practice or to schedule an appointment with The Cardiac & Vascular Institute, please contact (352) 375-1212 or visit